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Sagro is a cluster of enterprises in the fields of dismantling, infrastructure, logistics, environment & spatial use en recycling. Sagro’s strength lies in our ability to think along with our clients.

Each platform, ship or other offshore construction reaches the end of its lifetime at some point, and this necessitates decommissioning. The work must be done safely, cost effectively and with as little environmental impact as possible. With half a century of experience in the industrial demolition business we are able to provide our clients with expert advice and information.

We provide the facilities for decommissioning at our own terminal in Vlissingen-Oost, Netherlands. Our companies join forces to fully take care of you project from start to finish. Each project is overseen by an experienced decommissioning manager, backed by experts in asbestos removal, decontamination and hazardous waste. We use green demolition methods by reusing as much of the original building materials as possible or recycling.

Knowledge and expertise

  • Knowledge of Turn Key contracts.
  • Knowledge of System Engineering on dismantling projects.
  • License to Operate for the recycling of ships and dismantling of offshore installations.
  • Existing terminal/recycling facility.
  • In house expertise on the handling of hazardous materials.

Additional Services

  • Storage and warehousing.
  • Mobs & De-mobs.
  • Port/agency Services.
  • Transportation – loading in/out.
  • Consultancy Services & Study Works.


  • Liquid-proof flooring.
  • 260 metres quay.
  • Draught of 10,7 metres at Low Low Water Spring.
  • Weightbridge.

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